AIMS Meeting (November 8th, 2014) – December 2014

The meeting started with breakfast. Thank you to Brian, Eva, Jack and Angus Little for providing the breakfast.

20 members were in attendance.

The meeting started with deep thought on the nature of pain. Comparisons followed. If one hurt more, or the other hurt less, we wouldn’t have a population problem. (Ask Larry)

Our feature presentation was given by Brian Little who gave a brief overview of some of the basics of good photography.

While Brian is the guy to talk to, some of his high points are listed below:

a) Hold the camera firmly; keep it steady and squeeze the trigger. Don’t ‘hit’ it, just touch it so the camera doesn’t shift.
b) Consider your shutter speed. A slow shutter speed brings more light, but moving objects will be blurred. This is fine for moving water, but not for a sprinting runner. You can get more light through a fast shutter by using a flash, but this works very poorly in distance shots. Remember that the landscape shot setting will typically turn the flash off.
c) Closer is better. When shooting wildlife, take the first shot, move closer, take a second one, move closer. If the animal leaves, at least you have the prior shots. Do this only up to a sensible point. Remember that alligators run faster than you, and you are soft and chewy in the middle.
d) Look at the FULL picture – not just your point of interest. Consider your composition.  Is the background appropriate or distracting? Can it be reduced or eliminated through changing the line of sight or the focus?
e) Consider the light. What is the best direction to use? Is there enough? Do the shadows enhance or detract?
f) Consider the weather. It provides many options in both light and content.
g) When photographing people or animals, ensure that the eyes are in focus. They are
h) Flash is always an option – know how to use it correctly.
i) Remember that you can use the camera vertically OR horizontally. Different scenes
require different framing. If your point of focus is tall, consider turning the camera on
its side.
j) Plan – direct – compose – have FUN with your scenes. It will make the images much
more precious to you in the end.

Thank you Brian, for a very useful lesson.

The minutes of the last meeting were approved as published in the Beacon.

A ‘thank you’ was passed to Carl for his talk on Sailing which was presented last meeting.

The treasurer gave a report on expenses paid out since the last report. Payments had been made in support of the retirement facility survey, the Honduran trip, refund for previous breakfast expenses, and a payment to the school for today’s breakfast. Still outstanding is ferry tickets for the transportation people. Generally, we’re still sitting okay.

The transport coordinator gave a report. Only two trips have been requested this month, though there is ongoing support to Islanders being provided on an unofficial basis. For those who are doing that – a sincere thank you.

The Parade of Lights was discussed. It was recommended that gifts be prepared from Market stock and handed out during the parade. This was approved. David Pickering will arrange to wrap the items. Brian Little said he would find out the date of the parade.

Next Year’s Auction. Not much has been done in support of the auction as of yet. The committee members are starting to look at sources for auction items. A storage location will also be required until September. Does anyone have spare space?

Retirement initiative. Work continues on a possible retirement residence on the Island. Properties are being considered and there is a good chance that students at Ryerson will be aiding us in the design work. Monique Mitchell is the professor in charge and she may be coming to the Island with students during the month of February. More details will follow. There will probably be a need to hostel students for a few days.

Don Pepper announced that profits from the fall fair amounted to $41. Thank you to him for manning the table.

Anthony Gifford announced that he will be holding a book launch party on the 29th of November at Janet Scott’s place. All are invited.

Larry Jensen reminded people to listen to CJAI. It’s a good station which is kept on the air through the volunteer efforts of a great number of Islanders.

Discussions followed on how to attract new membership from recent arrivals to the Island. There may be potential men who are not aware of AIMS. Anthony Gifford volunteered to make contact with these new households and present to them information about the Island and the services on it. Consideration was made on whether this should be done in conjunction with the WI.

The Treasurer asked if AIMS had any written guidelines as to how they should spend their funds.  David Pickering offered to write up a draft document for consideration and discussion at the next meeting.

There being no other business, the meeting was adjourned at 09:45.